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ON THIS DAY with Candice Lambert

ON THIS DAY with Candice Lambert

Texas native, Candice Lambert, who began applying for fashion internships during her last year in the military, tackles motherhood, being Kelly Clarkson's go-to-stylist and working on two primetime shows head on.


My day is never about me. It’s either about a client or my family. So every morning I take a bit of time to center myself and mentally prepare for the day. I map it out as best I can over a cup of coffee.

Something I am still trying to navigate is "mom guilt" and that it's ok. As women, we have these mental constraints of how we are “supposed” to be in societal standards. Dated standards that have been taught to us and instilled in us. I have to remind myself all of the time it is ok to work and still be a great mom. My kids are loved, happy and my work is thriving as well.

I dress according to my mood and somewhat for the occasion. I think clothes are so emotional. Do I want to be adventurous, comforted or do I want to say something through my outfit? Also sometimes I'll create a look with an artist and be like…wow, I want to look like that too! I will rework a little bit to fit me and my style.

Today I'll be on set for the Kelly Clarkson Show and needed to dress for a full day of work. I picked the Ruched-Sleeve Floral Camo Blouson Jacket It is comfortable yet accentuates my curves and gives me a flattering silhouette. I love the unexpected floral camo print too. You can wear it with so many different pieces and styles.


I started working with her [Kelly Clarkson] in 2015 and was so excited to join the talk show in 2019. Kelly dresses for the Kellyoke’s portion of the show. She wants to dress for the genre of the song that she is singing or the period it's from…if it's 80’s, grunge or 90’s R&B. That’s where she gets her inspiration for her talk show wardrobe.

Each day she looks completely different than the next. She sings 6 songs a week. All different genres and artists. It’s a lot of fun but a lot of work! There is always the possibility of a song change so I have to keep a ton of stock on set and constantly refresh it. I am basically flying by the seat of my pants daily and it's what I love about my job. I am always in need of clothes. Tons of hours of online shopping and prepping and working with brands.


I head back to my studio after wrapping up on the set for the day to work on additional looks and projects. I like to slip into something a little more comfy but still want to be inspired and motivated to work. The neon yellow cashmere sweater is perfect for this. There is something so rock 'n' roll about neon. It's the exact opposite of what you would immediately think of rock 'n' roll, this is bright and edgy not your typical black. It is in your face…which is kind of punk rock.

Once I feel good about where I am for the day, I head home and it's immediately family time. I play with my kids and then we all sit down as a family for dinner. My husband and I will usually unwind by watching a show and checking in on how each other's day went. 

Where do you see yourself ON THIS DAY 10 years from now?

Wow…I will have a teenager by then! Soooooo I really hope I'm sane (kidding, or at least I think I am). I see myself hopefully a little wiser, more successful and content.