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ON THIS DAY with celebrity groomer Benjamin Thigpen

ON THIS DAY with celebrity groomer Benjamin Thigpen

A specialist in his craft, Benjamin Thigpen is the go-to Groomer for shaping, styling and prepping men for photoshoots, the red carpet and TV/Film.  Clients include Timothée Chalamet, Kieran Culkin, and Justin Bieber with his expert skills gracing the pages of GQ, Vogue, Esquire, W Magazine, Vanity Fair to name a few. In between working with brands such as Ralph Lauren, Moschino, Rag and Bone and Todd Snyder, Benjamin is working on his own product that will launch next year.







I work out for one main reason and that is to relieve stress. Sweating at least 4-5 times a week in the AM changes my mood and allows me to look forward to the day and week ahead. My workouts change from lifting to HIITS, but I stay loyal to Muay Thai training—however, by no means am I trying to be overly serious about it. I work on the form as much as I can without losing my training time, if that makes any sense.





I dress by my mood, and I have always done so since I was a kid. I am a t-shirt and jeans kind of guy, but I love boots and outerwear—it sort of pulls anything together even if you are wearing a black tee and denim.


The Floral Camo OTD Field Jacket dresses up the sweater and denim I have on.  It isn't too stiff, like most field jackets, and what I like most is that you could wear this day or night! I also love that the CAMO is floral ;).







My go-to coffee shop is JUDY’S (also, try the Green Goddess). I’ve lived in NY for 17-18 years. The next day after graduating from Savannah College of Art & Design, I packed up a UHAUL with my brother and left a very memorable chapter of my life to move to my forever home, NEW YORK CITY. My inspiration comes from listening and observing. I soak up what I research, see how others may do something and I pull it all together—giving you my own twist on it. I do believe education is endless, you can never stop learning, which can make one good at their craft. Being interested are qualities I look for in people, whether it’s friends, a love interest… it truly makes you interesting to be interested. I’m the kind of guy that is grateful for the small things. The small things in life are, actually, not small at all.  




During the week, at the end of the day, I most likely will unwind with a Vodka Martini—slightly dirty, no vermouth, with 1 olive and very well stirred. During the winter months you may catch me with a whiskey on the rocks, and in the summer, I always enjoy ice cold beer in the sun. Since my go-to is a black tee with black denim… tonight, this tan suede hoodie not only dresses the look up, but the hoodie detail makes it less forced which really appeals to me.




Where do you see yourself ON THIS DAY 10 years from now?
I will hopefully be enjoying fatherhood and traveling the world as I do now, maybe not as fast paced (laughs).





ON THIS DAY only, you can switch places with any pop culture icon. Dead or alive. Who do you choose?
I honestly can’t say 1 person. Now, if the question was which pop culture icon would I want to switch bank accounts with, that would be different.