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ON THIS DAY with...


ON THIS DAY with...


an artist collaboration takes our LA POP UP on a psychedelic journey through pop culture.


in the courtyard, directly behind the official west hollywood store (opening soon), the OTD LA POP UP is now open. to celebrate the shop, which features the full range of our debut season, we joined forces with emerging artist joe palec. the collaboration illustrates OTD’s connection to pop culture and storytelling. creating a narrative within the shopping experience, “the monoliths” stand 9'-0" and 10'-0 tall.


when palec puts black marker to white surfaces, stories come alive—taking viewers on a psychedelic journey of the human experience.  




"black and white is just so elegant. and it gives the imagery more potential to connect. color would only create boundaries, while black and white provokes the eye to flow."





"part of my artistic process is connectivity. for instance, I’ll draw one figure, let's say a person, just a basic human being—but I’ll draw only half their body. I’ll leave an arm totally open... and when I come back around, to that open arm, maybe it will become a popsicle."




palec takes a maturation process. he builds the narrative of his pieces around substantive moments, but the connections between them are improvisational.





"indoor murals is my thing. they give me time to really, really care about the piece I’m doing. as opposed to street art, it has a longer lifespan and is more appreciated because people are more able to stop and reflect."


popular symbolism, like society darling paris hilton, draws the viewer into a scene. and then palec draws you deeper into the experience—literally. his lines are expertly whimsy and move rigorously. they thicken and thin, flowing in both sharp corners and smooth turns. a nod to where’s waldo, palec invites viewers into a story and analog experience that promises the element of surprise. 


photographed by BEN WILSON









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